Monday, May 21, 2012

Singapore Blog Awards 2012 - Nominated !

Thanks ! Nominated for this year Singapore Blog Awards 2012! Am shortlisted for one of the sponsored categories, Gmarket Best Online Shopping Blog.

I have to fulfill some tasks from now till June, more details will be available soon!
Please start to vote for me here :
Thanks for your support!

Step one: Log on to and find my handsome picture please. Haha.

Step 2: Place your cursor over "Vote For Me" and click! You are requested to log in or create an account with facebook likes does not constitute to the total votes!)

And finally, done! That's simple. =)
You are only allow to vote once per day.
Get to win prizes too yea.

Will keep you posted, thanks !

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Wonderful colleagues

Last weekend was at Louise's place, having a Korean BBQ with the team.
Seen here with ex-intern Zhang Ren.

My mentor and good tag team, Joanne

With 2 Philippines interns, David & Sharmaine,Joanne, myself and Louise.

I'm blessed with good working colleagues.

Coming to 1 year in Bosch already, tiring, but satisfied.
If one day I were to leave my company, I will definitely miss the people over there.

I don't really explain to my friends about my jobscope, because there's no need to boast about.
Working late and OT has become a norm, but to many, they perceived differently.
Even my mum and gf complains about my long working hours.
I'm tired too, but it's the passion in every project that keeps me going. 
Sometimes I see my peers boasting about their work, or complained negatively, I smiled to myself and just want to tell them, grow up. 

'How's job?' , typical question in every gathering.
I smiled,  'Yup, it's fine, thanks.'
I find it pointless to elaborate further, because they can't help anyway.
I'm not earning big bucks, but I'm contented with every simple things in life.
A stable job, a forgiving mum, a thoughtful girlfriend, and wonderful colleagues.

That's enough.

Happiness lies in contentment. =)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Relaxing at Cameron Highlands

Few weeks ago was at Cameron Highlands... =)
Cooling weather between 16 to 17 degrees Celsius...

Was there together with my Bosch colleagues, Shoel and Mum...

Our accommodation has such a big garden ! Excellent for jump shots!

Our accommodation was at Valley View Bungalow Cameron Highlands, a 2 storey bungalow, with 5 rooms. Meals are charged separately but at an affordable rate. First night when we arrived, steamboat! Awesome meal especially in such cold weather.

And probably an excellent place for ladies to camwhore. I mean, matured ladies. Haha. Mum with my colleagues, Joanne and Auntie Gloria, she's like a godma to many in Bosch, taking care of our welfare. =)

Visited some tea farms too...

Joanne, Steven and Gloria...

Someone commented this is like a 爱情长跑 picture... haha . (Long lasting love... )

Deep thoughts.

Please remember there's someone working hard out there... every tea leave counts. =)

Away from office... back to the nature...

Enjoying our Ang Moh (American) breakfast... sipping tea... eating scorns. High class right. Lol

Also visited the strawberry farm...

Sometimes back to the bungalow... you know, garden just too big lah. Hhaha, can you figure out what we were posing? (BOSCH) Workaholics. Haha.

The owner has few dogs and puppies too!

Am missing the place already.

Will definitely be back. =)

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The New Low Fare Airline is in Town - Flyscoot Singapore

Ready, Get Set, Scoot Outta Here from 4th June 2012! Singapore newest airline, is taking off ahead of schedule with its inaugural flight to Sydney set for 4th June, followed by Gold Coast a week later on 12th June! Airfares starting from as low as SGD $158! Scoot is 100% owned by Singapore Airlines (SIA) but independently managed and run. As compared to the normal flights, Scoot will offer value airfares about 40% lesser. Most importantly, safety, reliability and punctuality are the core values which Scoot focus on.

Scoot Management team had a casual meet up with local bloggers at Singapore Flyer last Friday, and I was very glad to be invited to the event. Not only did I catch up with some fellow bloggers, Alvin & Darren Ang,  but also met new blogger friends, Claire, Darren Ng, Christine, Walter and Jerome.

And of course, getting to know the happening Scoot management team. "Scoot is not your usual airline name... and the company it identifies is not your usual airline...Scoot is an airline with a different attitude. People with a different attitude. SCOOTITUDE. " They have certainly proved that during the meeting, especially when I requested for a different attitude infront of the camera, without any hesitation, they posed, and the result? See above!
Caption : What's that in the sky? What? Scoot is flying?!

Seen here with Scoot CEO, Mr. Campbell Wilson. Before joining Scoot in May 2011, Campbell was Singapore Airlines' GM Japan. He started his career with SIA in New Zealand and Australia and had more than 25 years of experience. A very friendly and approachable guy, and a very different CEO. Read more about his profile here: Scoot Family - Campbell Wilson
(Btw, I think my face seriously look damn oily here. Lol, can fry an egg yea?)

How often do you find a CEO like Campbell who's so energetic & fun loving? I was joking with him that he looked too serious in our previous shot, and he immediately gave me another funky pose. Seen here Head of Cabin Services, Ms Ng Ju Li. As Head of Cabin Services, she take care of cabin crew recruitment, training and performance while overseeing their rostering and welfare. She also oversee inflight services and cabin operations, making sure that every Scoot cabin crew complies strictly with the high cabin safety and security standards. Check out her profile here: Scoot Family - Ng Ju Li

 Heard from the management team about the selection criteria for the cabin crew. Seriously not easy. I shall not disclose too much information here, if you are interested to be part of the Scoot family, check out Scoot Facebook or Scoot Official Website for more details. They are having their 3rd and final recruitment soon, so stay tune! One tip, looks is not everything. You need to have that SCOOTITUDE! I have spoken to air stewardess like Priscilla (left) and Marina (right), they seriously are two very good examples. Bubbly, fun-loving, and friendly! The pictures say it all, isn't it?

While we were on the flyer, Campbell did some presentation on some facts and history about Scoot.
It all started out from a simple USB way back in 2011. Understand from the presentation that Scoot's first year destinations include Australia, China, and others. Destinations will be progressively announced soon!
But one thing I noticed about the presentation, did you realize the team improvised the towel as the screen? With simple pegs and towel, it work wonders! Creative to the max.

And some pictures I took while on the flyer... looks like some final destination teaser yea? Haha. Just kidding.

The evening sunset...

Adding some effect, the Singapore night scene looks good! Singapore Tourism Board, wanna hire me? =)

Apart from the serious stuff, we had some ice breaking games. Thankfully, the team could understand what I was drawing. Thanks to our team leader, Captain Meng Kum. Seen here with Ling Ling, from Scoot's marketing team. Credits: Jerome Lim

Also had some refreshments, thanks to the excellent hospitality!

We had our Singapore food trail with the bloggers and Scoot's management team, btw, there was even more food than that!

Darren Ang in his 老 Kok Kok (translate: traditional style) mug...

Darren Ang with Campbell

Darren Ng, Darren Ang and myself

If you find Darren Ng familiar, yes...he's none other than the 'Ah Guan' in Channel 5 once popular series, Growing Up. Hahah! I actually went to the search for the theme song, seriously, nostalgic!

The signs have changed that today's design,
there's no denying these harder times,
but the ones that are dear,
will be here through our fears,
making sorrow fade away,
showing the road the brighter days

Faces and places I can still recall,
loved ones and lost ones I miss them all,
and I hope you'll be here,
through our growing up years,
facing the trails of lives endeavours,
realizing dreams we both can share,
for all our days.

Haha, side track alittle. Anyway, what are you waiting for! Check out Flyscoot amazing fares to Australia now! Credits: Steven's back.


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wheelsasia 13th Anniversary Celebration

Happy Birthday, Wheels! =)

Superheros Party ! Let's unleash the power!

Celebrated my colleague, Gubbi's 30th birthday last Saturday!

Captain America has a double chin. Looks like he hasn't been flying much these days. Too much of fast food in America must be.

Probably this is the first time Super Mario stepped out of the computer games.
Since when we have a monk in the Super Hero?

And probably we just found out that Super Mario is afraid of the bats.

You probably need to give me some credits on my drama talents. Lol
Seriously, the birthday boy , errm, I mean MAN, is very heavy... I'm a bat afterall.

Welcome to the dark side of the world. =)

No wonder the Chinese can't win many titles in the Oscar Awards.

Captain America, this ain't a beauty pageant. -_-||

I'm just a Bat. Can anyone call the SPCA? Am I classified under SPCA btw?

New generation heros. Punk and rocker. =)

Hands Up! Or else I will tweet!

Some decos around the flat

Gubbi's birthday present.. Happy 30th Birthday, once again! =)
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